Every Heard

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Have you ever heard Every Heard?

Who is Ev Reheard?

Here are the answers to the first few questions I always hear:

1.  What's your real name?

My given name is Evie Rose Reheard. I was named after Evie Karlsson Tornquist, the gospel singer. Ev is a nickname my brothers gave me, growing up. After over a year as a performer, introducing myself as Ev Reheard; I noticed people calling me Every, and the stage name stuck!

Ev Reheard = EveryHeard

2.  Where are you from?

I was raised in my father's hometown, Airville, Pennsylvania, surrounded by trees, fields, critters and creeks. In addition, I enjoyed wonderful trips to visit my maternal family in South Korea many times.

My father was drafted into the army in the early 1970's. He was stationed in South Korea, where he met my mother. They fell in love there; then reunited, married, and started a family in the U.S.A. 

3.  How long have you been performing?

I have been singing all my life... However, it was not until after I had a masters degree that I wandered by chance into the Philadelphia open mic scene, and within a year, I began composing and performing with a guitar. In 2012, I officially began accepting invitations to perform in shows. Since then, I have played at World Cafe Live, The Tin Angel, The Fire; as well as annual music festivals such as The Ladybug FestivalThe South 9th Street Italian Market Festival, The Haverford Music Festival, and the Asian American Heritage Festival.

In addition, it has been my great honor to share my original songs and personal story about mental illness  through the non-profit organization, This is My Brave

4.  Do you make a living as a musician?


...is the short answer.

The long answer is... I make a living by creating opportunities to perform. Singing and playing is a pleasure. Rehearsing and preparing are a privilege. However, in order to make enough money to live, I must invest long hours in building rapport with venues to book paying gigs, designing promotional materials, and maintaining this website. So far, it is only enough to support one person- So, I have to drive from city to city solo, hauling my equipment alone.

In order to afford this entrepreneurial venture, I sacrificed having a home of my own. It is by God's grace that I am granted a generous network of friends and family who offer me their couches and spare bedrooms from time to time. I am astounded every day by these blessings.

5.  How can we hire you?

Contact me via email: EveryHeard@gmail.com