Every Heard

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In 2012, without any formal intent, I started writing and performing original songs.  I have been letting them pour out of me for catharsis ever since.  In that time, much has happened- Sometimes my art imitated my life; sometimes my life imitated my art.  Every moment is and was the best moment.

First Songs

These songs were the first I wrote and began performing in 2012. They are mostly corny lovesick songs and tunes I wrote to entertain noisy bar patrons.

I am a Magician now (Musician) Songs

After The Last Song, my life shifted.  I was ready to call myself a musician and begin working towards deserving the title.

Every Heard

The song "Stronger" was half written before I checked myself into a hospital for suicidal ideations.  Upon returning home, I gave up the will to chase money or material belongings.  I dove deep into the waters of my emotions and committed to finding a way to get paid to be me... Only take as much as I needed and find ways to give as much as possible to others in need.

All songs WRITTEN BY EV REHEARD (C) 2015

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