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A New Story

Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The Red Rose City.

I recognize you.  I've met you before.  But somehow, every other time, I mistook you for someone else.

I am the information girl.  I am asked many questions.  I suppose we all are... But do ya'll also have this problem, where it all happens out of order?  The end came first to explain-

My backwards, backwards story.

(This is when you walked up to me and began asking me to do paperwork- I looked up from my work and 

So, maybe the best way is to start when with I arrived- at a place called "Fruition". Fruition Collective.

It's like- I finished my story, changed my name to Rose- and met myself earlier in the timeline, as another person. 

She has all the things set up that I heard I was going to do with my life.

She has horns.  I have cat ears.



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