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Just For Today

When I walked into Fruition today, I was greeted by a familiar smiling face.  In the distance, I could hear a conference happening.  I took soft, deliberate steps as I put my coat on the rack and started setting up my workspace.  My coworker inquired about my morning thus far- Trying to be polite but keep my ramblings to a minimum, I grinned earnestly, "Good, and you?"

"Good," she leaned her head in, "I slept over at my best friend's house last night.  So, of course-" She paused, inhaling, "Mornings are wonderful when you wake up next to someone you love." 

Catching her feels, I echoed her sentiment, "So true." 

From this place on a cloud, I felt the urge to take in  


I know the world doesn't revolve around me. I know I'm not God. But somehow along the way I get better at praying. I stopped asking for things I didn't really need. I didn't take more than I gave. I told the truth... But somehow the truth still gets by other people. 



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