Every Heard

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Because once... You told me to not be afraid that you weren't over her yet.  You told me it would not be a problem.

Because once... You told me that you could wait more than 100 days, but you didn't when you weren't waiting for me.

Because once... I gave you my whole heart, and you broke it.

Because I wanted to hear you loved me... and you said you're sorry now that you said it then.

Because my heart hasn't changed, and yours has.

Because I would never treat you this way.

Because I can't treat myself this way.



This pain will subside... I will not let it fester deep inside

I will grow stronger than I was before... I learn again, more and more

These words simply must be said... So that my heart and soul are fed

Someday they won't cut me this way... When tomorrow and tomorrow become yesterday.

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