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Better (lyrics/artwork)


You don't know- where I've been
But I know... It's not as good-
As where we're going... together- together

Well, I've been waiting, this whole long lonely lifetime to meet you
-and now I see- it was worth the weight
of the world... on my shoulders... mmm...

*But I'm not well, you can clearly see
I know you deserve someone better than me
I wanna be better...
But I can't understand, how I could ever recommend
that we should take some time apart for a while
-and I can't comprehend, how I could ever make amends
there's nothing I wouldn't give to see you smile- again

I could wait for a moment, if you could spend this life with me
But will you remember how we wanted it to be
Look into your heart and you may find
the way to break these ties that bind....... me

I wanna see you smile... again

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