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2015 Goodbye... Booze!

Tonight is my last night to drink... Come midnight, 2015 will be my first dry year since I was 16.



365 DAYS

8765 HOURS

525948 MINUTES

31556926 SECONDS

I can't say that drinking has become a problem, but then... who knows what I might have accomplished without countless nights of glorious delirium and so many mornings hung over?

Instead, I will avoid being negative altogether... GRATITUDE!  

Al... Alcohol helped me overcome stage fright a multitude of times when it felt nearly impossible sober.  It gave me the courage to have conversations with strangers and speak my mind without a filter... I would NOT have made quite a few FUN mistakes... Because Al was there, carrying the burden of rational, realistic decision-making and potential consequences so I could claim I was not responsible for the risks I took.   ...and on the nights when I couldn't escape sadness, it soothed me to sleep.

...it turns out that >25% of my time will be spent...



So, I really don't have that much to waste... and I have BIG ideas becoming real jobs, events, gigs, products~  I just don't have another second to spare for booze this year... I know Al won't be lonely.  There are plenty of people to keep him company for me~ We'll talk about seeing each other casually in 2016.  

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