Every Heard

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Chapter 4: The Door

The breakup was still fresh… I had set ground rules- No sex.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I saw him continue to carry on with the little girl he had been banging most recently.  I let him come and go and he pleased.  I went to his place when he invited me- Maybe once when he hadn’t.

One night, as we all stood by the door, he asked me right in front of this little girl, “Echo, wanna come over and watch cartoons?”


“Okay.  I just gotta drop her off first.  Then I’ll meet you there.”

I knew I had drank too much to drive, but I didn’t care.  If I rushed I could get there before the booze would really kick in, and I would loose control.  It was beyond the halfway point between my place and his that I got his text message.  It simply said, “Goodnight, Echo.”

I called him, furious, demanding he make some sort of decision.  He hung up.

I didn’t feel like turning back was an option.  I knocked on his door until his roommate let me in.  Drunk and heartbroken, I passed out on the couch.

I do not know how long it was before he came home.  It was still dark out.  I was ready to fight and cry and demand an apology… How could he not know saying that in front of the little girl would make her jump on him?  -Or was that his intention?

“Can we go to bed?  Talk about this in the morning?”  The sound of his voice had no energy left to debate.


For that moment I contented myself to be next to him, in his bed.

Morning came with vengeance.  I was ready for a conversation, as promised.  But he was not interested.  The next part is a blur of crying, yelling; Mr. Mister threatening to call the cops, throwing my belongings on the lawn and marching back to bed, locking the bedroom door behind him… Then me- kicking it in.

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