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Loose LEtters

I have been writing since before I learned my ABC's.  Of course, those old squiggles and scribbles are indecipherable now.  Even after I learned to spell, most of my writing fell into disheveled piles of paper...

Not just a journal; Not quite a book.  Just letters.

To whom?  When I had no idea; no one... Everyone.  Loose Letters.


Help Me Comfort My Mother

The first and most stirring detail is the fact that my mother did not have parents.  They were causalities of the desperate state of South Korea during the Korean War.  I was given no explanation other than, “Well, honey, there just wasn’t medicine enough then.  Times were very different.”

A Way to See the World

In pursuit of honest happiness, I stumbled quite a bit.  I became shameless.  I found music as my outlet to share my heartache with others.  I began the journey to find my voice... a journey I am continuing every day.


New York... When it was getting old, & I was young-er

2006: The fourth wall may reveal an audience... or another world, where these words are not my own but rather those of the author who invented me.  To think of myself as a fictional character is not so upsetting as it may seem... Some people can not stand the idea of no self control.  Like being written is to have no free will... but any writer will tell you- the characters make a story.  They reveal things about themselves to their authors... and writers who fail, whose work does not last through the ages... are those who do not listen.


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