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DIY Favicon Creation

I love Squarespace, but I want my website to reflect my brand, not theirs. So I did a little digging and learned personalizing the little icon on the browser tab is quick and easy!

Favicons have to fit into a square. Images must be less than 2MB. (hint: KB < MB)

I used the website  http://www.favicongenerator.com/ to convert my cropped image into a 32 pixel graphic. The process is FREE, and they do not even bother you to enter any information.


This is the cropped image I uploaded. 


This was the 32 pixel result. 


Although it looks like a mess at full resolution, it is perfect for a personalized favicon!



On Squarespace, this feature is under Design --> Logo & Title --> Brower icon

To see the Squarespace video and tutorial CLICK HERE.


To see how I transformed a photograph into the image used for this favicon, CLICK HERE to see my DIY Stamp & Postcard Design post.

Enjoy personalizing all the little details of your website ^^

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