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Limitless letters

These are the posts I write to document my work.  Want to know how I create a career around being me?  Here is the outline:

I make my work what I do for FREE, and I find ways to get paid to do what I LOVE.


DIY Promotion

While it is every musician's dream to have a team of PR, graphic designers, and booking agents; some of us take care of business on our own!  

Getting unpaid gigs is easy- Plenty of bars and pubs are eager to have free entertainment.  But to get paid, one must present a professional 

Here is the walk-through of how I used free apps and websites* to create my promo materials.  

(*Links included)

Favicon Personalization

How do you change the tiny icon on your browser tab?  If Squarespace hosts your website, it is pretty easy.  Also, there are FREE websites that specialize in converting the square image of your choice!  Read my walk-through to change yours ^^

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