Every Heard

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(verse 1)

Life is a tall drink of water,

and I'll try to choke it down

But I've been dying of thirst,

for fear that I may slowly drown


*I've waited so long, waiting to be strong

So I've waited around, waiting to be found

But if I was stronger, I'd leave today

and if I knew better, I'd be on my way

But I haven't made enough mistakes

No matter how my heart breaks

No I want- to make this mistake- one more time

(verse 2)

I've longed to learn to fly,

but I've been too afraid I'd fall

and I've feared that I might die,

so I haven't lived at all



Cause I've been reaching for the light, but I have been burned before

and the pain lives on in my memories, I can't take the hurt of it anymore


But now I am stronger, than yesterday

and now I know better, I'm on my way

and I won't be making this mistake, no not this time...



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