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You ask so many questions; I don't wanna tell you lies                               

I don't have all the answers; I don't wanna improvise                                 

I don't wanna waste your time; It's a precious comodity

You're looking for a reason, when time's the remedy


Just a moment ago, the world had seemed alright

Then everything went wrong; now you're looking for a fight


You have so many questions; when time's your remedy

You're looking for a reason; to save your sanity


I have so many thoughts- that you may not wanna hear

-and I wish I knew what to say- to make your mind feel clear


It's a symptom of life; there are better or worse days

But in retrospect, it's all just a passin' phase

There were times before, and they will happen again

You have to hope and wait- 'cause you never can know when-

You'll be happy again...


You're looking for a reason; when time's your remedy

When you're done asking all your questions; you'll remember to be happy



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