Every Heard

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Your coin is spent, wherever it went

Your di is cast, it’s in your past

Did you miss a turn?  Did you crash and burn?

It’s all just a lesson that you’ll never learn


So, don’t waste your time, wantin’ what’s mine

‘n makin’ strategies- because you don’t know me

It’s a shame, it’s a game- It’s a shame…


It’s over, when it’s over-

Sometimes I win, sometimes you lose

Whatever happens, we rarely choose


It’s over, when it’s over-

Sometimes you lose, and sometimes I win

Whatever happened, is what has been


Did you fall apart?  -and go back to start?

And would you rather cheat, than admit defeat?

It’s a shame, it’s a game -it’s a shame.


Over and over again, you make the same foolish mistakes

No matter how much it is that you lose, you just keep on raisin’ the stakes

You wanna gamble with your life once more- You wanna win back what you lost before

Oh-oh… Yeah… eah…  Your coin is tossed!

-and you don’t know how much of yourself it is- you’ve lost!

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