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The Truth

Sometimes, I'd like to walk away... and start all over- 

But I dont' know how

'Cause I don't think... That's the way that this happens- This time

No, I don't

And I can't explain... You think that this is impossible- But I don't

Oh, I know

That the truth... Is hard to swallow-

And we don't know how things should be...



It's just how we move along

There ain't no rhyme or reason... for this song

It's just how our lives move along

So, Baby, please... don't you be cross with me

Oh, Baby, I won't hold it against you- if you have to live your life

But Baby, come home... when your adventures are done

...and I will be here

waiting on you, 

waiting on me...

waiting on you- waiting on me... waiting you, la ra la ra la ra la ra la ra...


Then I- got turned around again

Thought down was up... and up was down

But I'm not afraid anymore of feeling lost

It's just how it oughta be... waiting on you, waiting on me

And I don't mind taking my time down this road

Though it might be painful... I trust in it

...For today was once tomorrow, and soon again will be yesterday




...Though your eyes may go wandering- 

always leave your heart at home with me...

Until you're ready... ready... ready for me...

When you're ready.



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