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Donation Connections

A great privilege of being a traveling performer is the opportunity to make so many friends and connections.  When on the road, I love attending various community centers, places of worship, yoga studios, and house concerts.  Over the years, I have learned to join their efforts with mine, forming a chain of charity.

This work is done 100% as a volunteer.

All donations are delivered directly to the individuals who are in need.


The Pick-Up Artist

As I travel from place to place, I share my message and let people know how much I can carry with me.  As we discuss what items they have to donate or what causes are close to their hearts, we determine how to proceed.

Sometimes there are already piles in a basement or garage just waiting to be loaded into my vehicle.  Other times we form a plan for pick up at a later date.  I only take items which already have people waiting to receive them.  

There are many wonderful nonprofits willing to provide a similar pick-up service with online scheduling. If you are ready to part with stuff now: click here to check whether they are available in your area (or simply Google search the words "Donation pick up"!)


The Sort

Many items require sorting.  For example, accepted, washed clothing is delivered to retirement communities. There, volunteers who want to remain active in their communities, separate clothing according to size and gender to create care packages. 

Part of my volunteer work is to establish these relationships with small groups and participate in the sorting process.



Friends who work and volunteer in women's shelters, early intervention programs, and other direct services give me wishlists with ages and sizes specified.  I hand deliver as many sorted care packages as possible directly into the hands of families in need. Sometimes I deliver them into the hands of therapists and case workers who already have rapport with the families.  Any remaining items are taken to rescue centers who have expressed needs.  

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